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The following articles provide useful information for people new to the area.

These pages need to be written and expanded. If you'd like to volunteer to author some of this content, please contact the association.


Dark Sky

Joshua Tree is an International Dark Sky Park. Help preserve our amazing night sky for stargazing.


Noise Abatement

Noise is disruptive to humans and animals alike. Learn the laws and what to do if you hear a problem.


Fire Safety

We've experienced several dangerous fires in our neighborhood. Learn how to prepare and protect yourself.

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Road Safety

Please keep under 15 MPH to avoid raising dust, hitting animals, and causing danger on hills and curves.

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Protect Wildlife

There could be an endangered tortoise sitting in the shade under your car! Learn how to protect the creatures sharing this land with us.

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Native Species

Learn more about the flora and fauna in our area, and which ones are invaders.

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The Association does not have the ability to enforce laws. If you have a complaint about unlawful activity, noise, code violations etc. please contact the appropriate authorities.

JT Sheriff Emergency: 760-366-3781

Sheriff Non-Emergency: 760-366-4175

Joshua Tree Fire Dept: 760-366-8423

Joshua Basin Water: 760-366-8438

Southern California Edison: 760-655-4555

Southern California Gas: 760-427-2200

Code Enforcement: 760-228-5408

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