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People come to our area from all over to see planets, shooting stars and the Milky Way. By keeping your outside lights off when not needed and installing downward pointing lighting you can help preserve the amazing night views.

In 2017 the International Dark Sky Association designated Joshua Tree National Park as a Dark Sky Park. The surrounding communities have stepped up to cut back on light emissions to preserve one of the last areas in Southern California where the stars still light up the night. Read more about the designation here.

In 2021 San Bernardino County adopted a new Light Trespass Ordinance, focusing on prevention of light trespass onto neighboring properties and protection of dark night skies in the Mountain and Desert regions. Lighting should not exceed 0.1-foot candle measured at property lines. Outdoor fixtures are required to be shielded to direct light downward. Outdoor lighting is required to be extinguished by 11 p.m. or when people are no longer present, whichever is later. There are exceptions for lighting entries and exits, parking areas, and driveways, and for lights controlled by motions sensors. String lights must not exceed 3000K color temperature, 4000 lumens, or 40 lumens per bulb. Enforcement of these rules begins January 2024. For more information and to report problems, check here.

Dark Sky

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