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The Joshua Tree Highlands Association comprises the properties in Section 12, roughly bounded by Skyline Drive to the north, the bare hills and national park to the south, Quail Springs Road (very approximately) to the east and Sunset Road to the west.


The Association works for the benefit of the community by fostering group activities and providing information and advice to its members.  We also organize community beautification and improvement projects such as road maintenance and trash pickup.

Board Members

For  2020-2021:

  • Molly Quinones, President

  • Chris Schweidler, Vice President

  • Yvonne LeGrice, Treasurer

  • Mahesh Brown, Secretary

  • Cindy Beck

  • Fredrick Fulmer

  • Terry Harris

  • Don Mickey

  • Karen Reid

  • David Seinfeld

  • Tannis Kobrinsky

  • Cal Gerberding



Coming Soon.

Neighborhood Map.png
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