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2023 Annual Meeting Announcement

The 2023 Annual Meeting for the Joshua Tree Highlands Association will be held virtually on Sunday, September 10th at 11 AM PST. Members may connect via Zoom or by phone. For connection details, please email

Please pay your dues prior to the upcoming meeting. Our roads are always in need of maintenance and during emergencies. A great deal of road work has taken place since your last meeting and we need to replenish our budget. Suggested dues are $100 per property per year. Because we did not have an annual meeting or call for dues last year, we ask that everyone contribute for both 2022 and 2023 ($200 total) if they have not done so, or what you can reasonably afford if you cannot pay the full amount. Note that per our bylaws, only paying members of the association are eligible to vote. Also, since we are moving towards digital communications to reduce unnecessary costs, please make sure we have your current email address if you wish to be contacted that way.

During the meeting, the association will hold the required elections for President, Treasurer, Secretary, and up to eight "member at large" positions. Please submit nominations in advance of the meeting, no later than August 28th.

You may nominate others or yourself. If you nominate yourself, submit your name and very brief bio to If you nominate others, please confirm they are willing to serve if elected, and provide their contact information or include them in your nomination email (via cc).

The tentative agenda for the meeting is:

  • Welcome & Introductions

  • Minutes from Previous Meeting

  • Financial Report & Updates

  • Election of New Officers and Board Members

  • Roadwork and Other Updates

  • Social Events Interest and Planning Discussion

  • Schedule Future Meeting(s)

The board officer positions, as summarized from the bylaws, are:

President: Preside at all meetings of the membership and board, sign agreements on behalf of the association, provide a report of their stewardship for the records, other tasks incidental to the office.

Secretary: Keep or cause to be kept minutes of all meetings of the board and its committees, and give notice of all association meetings.

Treasurer: Maintain adequate accounting of the properties and business transactions of the association. Deposit and disburse funds as ordered by the board.

At-Large Members: The bylaws do not set specific duties for the at-large members of the board. Because we believe there is a need for more organization activity (as mention in the agenda items), we are encouraging anyone nominated for a position on the board to have at least 5 hours per month to spend on association tasks.

The current officers and board members are:

President: Vacant

Treasurer: Yvonne LeGrice

Secretary: Vacant

At-large Board Members: Cindy Beck, Frederick Fulmer, Cal Gerberding, Terry Harris, Tannis Kobrinsky, and Karen Reid.

Special thanks to all former board members transitioning out of service.

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